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Great Accessories For Your ERA Yard Signs That Attract Buyers

ERA yard signs work all day letting the world know about your property listing, but you can help your ERA yard signs work a little better with some simple accessories. By using the two following accessories for your ERA yard signs, they will attract buyers all day, and all night.

Solar Sign Lights For Your ERA Yard Signs

Your ERA yard signs can work day and night with the help of solar sign lights. These solar powered lights are designed to light your ERA yard signs from different directions. The increased nighttime visibility these lights provide draws potential buyers to your property listings, even when it's dark outside.

Simple to install and compact in size, these solar sign lights put out a good amount of light. Installation is easy since they are solar powered and don't require any electrical wiring. They function just like landscape lighting, except they are adjustable for highlighting your ERA yard signs perfectly.

The two types of solar sign lights include:
  • Ground Lights - These solar sign lights stick into the ground and illuminate your ERA yard signs from the ground up. To light your ERA yard signs on both sides, use two ground lights on either side of your sign.

  • Top Lights - These solar sign lights mount to the top of the frame of your ERA yard signs. One of these lights will illuminate both sides of your sign from above.

Brochure Boxes For Your ERA Yard Signs

Make your listing details available to potential buyers 24/7 with brochure boxes. A great addition to your ERA yard signs, brochure boxes will allow access to your property listing information anytime.

The three types of brochure boxes include:
  • Standalone Brochure Boxes - These brochure boxes are standalone units that have both a box and a metal wire frame. Standalone brochure boxes make your flyers stand out, as they are separate from your ERA yard signs.

  • Attaching Brochure Boxes - These brochure boxes attach directly to your ERA yard signs with a mounting clip. Attaching brochure boxes give a more organized appearance to your ERA yard signs.

  • Lighted Brochure Boxes - These brochure boxes feature solar powered lights and they come in both standalone and attaching units. Lighted brochure boxes allow potential buyers to see your flyers at night. Pair a lighted brochure box with lights for your ERA yard signs for the ultimate in nighttime visibility.
Brochure boxes in an 8.5" x 11" size are the most popular because they allow you to display your flyers without folding them or rolling them up as is required with a cylinder brochure holder. Look for a brochure box with a lid and bottom drain holes so you can minimize the possibility of water damage to your flyers and select larger brochure holders that hold at least 50 flyers so you don't have to refill as often. In addition, invite potential buyers to take action by choosing a brochure box with the words “Please Take One” printed in large letters on the front.

Using these accessories can help your signs work more efficiently in attracting potential buyers. For additional accessories for your ERA yard signs, consult the experts at Oakley Signs & Graphics.
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