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Five Different Sign Materials That Are Perfect For Your ERA Yard Signs

When it comes to your ERA yard signs, you have many options, including design, size, and shape, but one of the most vital options to the success of your sign is the actual sign material itself. This article provides information on the five different sign materials that are perfect for your ERA yard signs.

Aluminum ERA Yard Signs

Aluminum is a great choice for your ERA yard signs. While it is the most expensive sign material for ERA yard signs, it is economical in the long run as aluminum lasts longer than any other material. Available in both .063 and .040 thicknesses as well as in different lengths and widths, aluminum ERA yard signs have a beautiful high gloss finish. These rigid and lightweight ERA yard signs will not rust if scratched or chipped. Aluminum ERA yard signs should last at least five years, so buy from a sign company that offers a guarantee and warranty against chalking and rusting.

Reflective Aluminum ERA Yard Signs

The most costly type of aluminum sign, reflective aluminum ERA yard signs offer not only a durable, long lasting sign, but also the ultimate in nighttime visibility. Usually available in a .063 thickness, reflective aluminum signs have an industrial grade reflective vinyl surface manufactured by 3M. These signs reflect light so they are easier to see at night. Just as with regular high gloss aluminum, reflective aluminum ERA yard signs will not rust when scratched or chipped and they should last at least five years before they need to be replaced.

Polyethylene ERA Yard Signs

Typically coming in a .100 thickness, polyethylene ERA yard signs have a soft matte finish and the ink adhesion is superior. These plastic ERA yard signs are extremely affordable, lightweight, and weather durable, but this material does appear transparent at times in bright areas and it has a tendency to bow with age. Polyethylene ERA yard signs should typically last up to three years under normal use, so purchase them from a sign company offering a long life guarantee.

PVC ERA Yard Signs

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC plastic ERA yard signs are rigid and they will not bow as polyethylene will. However, PVC signs will scratch easily and can become brittle with age. Available in a .100 thickness, PVC ERA yard signs come with a high gloss finish they should also last three years.

Cor-X Corrugated Plastic ERA Yard Signs

Weatherproof and inexpensive, Cor-X corrugated plastic ERA yard signs are lightweight and they will not yellow over time. Available in 4mm and 8mm thicknesses, Cor-X ERA yard signs resemble polyethylene in that they often appear translucent in bright light. Cor-X ERA yard signs usually last 12 to 18 months with regular use.

The variety of choices available in sign materials makes it easy to find one that best suits both your budget and your needs. If you need help selecting the best sign material for your signs, consult the professionals at Oakley Signs & Graphics. These experts in ERA yard signs can provide you with the information that will help you make the right choice.
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